Professional Development

Teachers play a vital role in our community and we recognize their service by providing unique and enriching professional development opportunities for educators.  We strongly support Teacher-Park collaborations of all varieties. In this effort, we hope to involve the broader community in our stewardship mission and foster new student and teacher-led place-based educational initiatives.


Teacher Workshops (6 PD credits)

Teacher workshops are designed to familiarize educators with Primary Source Seminar and provide teachers with resources and valuable training in primary source use in the classroom.

Workshops are held once yearly, and are provided at no cost to teachers and education majors. Each day-long workshop covers several topics and employs interactive classroom activities. Educators will be awarded a certificate upon completion.

Mini Lesson Development (up to 40 PD credits)

Mini lessons are an important component of the Primary Source Seminar blog, created to give teachers quick and easy primary source lesson ideas/resources. We encourage local teachers and education majors to create short lessons utilizing manuscripts from our Lloyd W. Smith Archival Collection, and we can award professional development credit for lesson plan development. All of our Mini Lesson follow guidelines and are aligned with the National History Standards and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Completed Mini Lesson will be published on our blog, and may be used by the designing teacher in his or her classroom. This Professional development opportunity may be completed off-campus though it will be necessary to spend some time on-campus selecting and reviewing manuscripts. Educators will be awarded a certificate upon completion.*search “Mini Lessons

The goal of this project is to allow educators to utilize the diverse cultural resources Morristown has to offer. Immersing teachers in our rich archival collections provides an opportunity to bring the Park to the classroom.

Archival Ambassadors Mentor Teacher (30 PD credits)

Archival Ambassadors at Morristown National Historical Park is a unique summer program committed to meeting the educational needs of academically talented high school students of history. Emphasis is placed on document and artifact preservation, scholarly research, and primary document analysis. Archival Ambassadors is an intensive learning experience held one week each summer. Archival Ambassadors sessions are led by a team of graduate–level education and history/public humanities students. This team is responsible for designing a Traveling Archives unit box, leading/instructing the Archival Ambassadors, and curating (with the assistance of the Archival Ambassadors) a temporary exhibit using manuscripts from the Traveling Archives unit they have designed. During the first two weeks, interns conduct research and plan lessons. Although not a session requirement, a Mentor Teacher specializing in the area of history or social studies education would greatly benefit interns during their initial stage of planning.
A Mentor Teacher is responsible for helping interns brainstorm lesson plan ideas, meet NJ Core Curriculum Standards, and fielding questions while offering creative support. It is not the responsibility of the Mentor Teacher to create the Traveling Archives unit, but to offer examples and experience-related guidance. Ideal candidates will have 5+ years of classroom experience and hold a valid teaching license.This Professional development opportunity must be completed on-campus during the first two weeks of the Archival Ambassadors Internship session. Educator will be awarded a certificate upon completion.

*more about Archival Ambassadors here.

Note: The Primary Source Seminar Teacher Workshop was registered with the New Jersey Department of Education under provider number 7037, but after the adoption of N.J.A.C. 6A:9-15 the NJDOE is no longer registering professional development providers. According to NJDOE “It is now the responsibility of districts, schools or individuals to review the credentials of the providers and make their own determinations of suitability and level of expertise.”

* NJDOE Professional Development Provider Page {click}

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Positions and Park Stewards Teaching Fellowships are occasionally available. These positions are based on Park eligibility, needs, and funding among other qualifications.  Contact the Chief of Interpretation and Education, Justin Monetti, or the Chief of Cultural Resources, Jude Pfister,  for availability.