Monday, August 2, 2010

Archival Ambassadors

We are pleased to announced our latest program initiative, Archival Ambassadors. Archival Ambassadors is a stewardship program that brings high school and college level students together to study history via primary sources. We are able to pilot this initiative with funding provided by the National Park Foundation's Stewardship Grant, and with the help of our stewardship fellow, Ms. Laurie Johnson. It is our intention to formally debut this program in the spring of 2010.

a sneak peek...

Archival Ambassadors

During their tenure, Archival Ambassadors will participate in various activities on the subjects of preservation, historical research and document analysis. Ambassadors will culminate their training by hosting a community day, open to the public, where they will share with members of the community what they have learned during their summer studies.

Archival Ambassadors Internship Program
The Archival Ambassadors program will be led by a team of graduate level education and history majors (interns). Interns will conduct research and create a Traveling Archives unit plan which they will use to instruct the Archival Ambassadors and to curate a temporary exhibit featuring documents they have selected. Interns will guide Ambassadors in community day activities.

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