Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Role of Historical Sites

Did you kn
ow Morristown was the first National Historical Park?

Signed into legislation by President Herbert Hoover on March 2, 1933, Morristown became the first site to fulfill National Park Service director Horace Albright's vision of historic preservation.

Since the 1930s, many historical battlefields, war memorials, national monuments, presidential homes and birthplaces, and other historic sites and landmarks have been incorporated into the National Park Service.

To learn more about Morristown National Historical Park, click HERE.

For a fun lesson plan on Historical Parks,
see Expanding The Mission: Historical Parks,
part of the National Parks: America's Best Idea Lesson Plans series, on PBS.

Photos by Park volunteer Daniel Beards
Historical announcement, Morristown NHP Library and Archives
Links, National Parks: America's Best Idea

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