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General Information

Seminar sessions will be held by appointment only. We will try to accommodate all seminar requests. Because we have a relatively small curatorial staff, we can only accommodate one seminar group (not to exceed twenty-five students) at one time. For larger groups please call and make special arrangements.

*Classes attending the Primary Source Seminar must be accompanied by at least one educator who has attended a teacher workshop.

Seminars may be scheduled for the spring semester: (Wednesdays weekly) January through May.

The cost of attendance is $50 per visiting class. Note: Class size is set at 12-25 students. (e.g. a class of 40 students would be registered as 2 classes)

See registration form for more details: (pdf)

Additional Information

Pre-visit Preparation:
We encourage teachers to print and distribute their pre-visit packet to their students (this packet is given out in digital format during the teacher workshop). We ask that teachers and students complete the pre-visit activities because during the students’ visit they will be examining various primary documents from a human rights angle. The pre-visit activities help ensure that students are mindful of their own, modern human rights conceptions and how those conceptions might complicate their interpretation of the past. In our experience, students who have prepared for their visit are more engaged and gain more from participating in the Primary Source Seminar. *Completing some or all of the pre-visit activities is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. Students should, however, arrive having had some prior classroom discussion of human rights.

Teacher/Chaperon Involvement:

We believe teacher/chaperon involvement is an important part of a successful Primary Source Seminar. Because we have a small curatorial staff, we must wear many hats—our duties involve everything from lesson planning to student instruction to document security. And since document security may only be facilitated by a museum specialist, we need teachers and chaperons to help us work with and encourage students during the seminar activities. We ask that visiting groups be accompanied by more than one adult. We have found that seminars run best with 1 or 2 teacher/chaperons present per 15 attending students. In our experience, the more adult involvement/supervision in place, the better the students tend to stay on task/engaged in the activity. Groups of over 25 MUST be accompanied by a minimum of 2 chaperons.

Food and Drinks:

Food (this includes gum and candy) and drinks are not permitted in the museum at any time. Students are welcome to eat snacks/lunches outside on the lawn, in the school bus, or in an area designated by the museum staff, in the case of inclement weather.

Seminar Appointments may be Scheduled with:

Sarah Minegar
Archives Technician/ Program Coordinator
Morristown NHP
sarah_minegar (at) nps (dot) gov
973-539-2016 x 215


Jude M. Pfister, D.Litt.
Chief of Cultural Resources
Morristown NHP
jude_pfister (at) nps (dot) gov
973-539-2016 x 204

973-539-8361 (fax)

Registration Form (pdf)