Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Lesson: American Citizens and Philanthropy

Review the microfilmed document written by John H. Finley (1919) and answer the following questions.

*Field Marshall Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby was a British soldier and administrator who, as leader of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, conquered Palestine and Syria in 1917 and 1918.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Look at all parts of the letter carefully. What can you learn about the author of the letter, John H. Finley, as well as its recipient, James H. Manning? What kind of men are they?

2. Use a textbook or the internet to locate Haifa and Asia Minor. Where are they?

3. Look at the date. What major event has just happened in that part of the world?

4. Based on your answers above, hypothesize as to why you believe John H. Finley was in that part of the world. Discuss.

5. After your discussion, read the headline of the article found in the New York Times on April 17, 1918. Why was Finley in Asia Minor?

6. Can you think of any recent examples where prominent Americans have gotten involved in relief campaigns?

New York Times Article

National History Standards:
Era 8, Standard 2B: The causes and global consequences of World War I
Historical Thinking: Standard 1: Chronological Thinking, Standard 2: Historical Comprehension, Standard 3: Historical Analysis and Interpretation, Standard 4: Historical Research Capabilities, Standard 5: Historical Issues—Analysis and Decision-Making

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards:
6.2.12.C.4.c Assess the short- and long-term demographic, social, economic, and environmental consequences of the violence and destruction of the two World Wars.
Social Studies Skills: Chronological Thinking, Spatial Thinking, and Critical Thinking

“Finley Heads Palestine Mission.” The New York Times. 17 April 1918.

Finley, John H. Letter to James H. Manning. 26 May 1919. Lloyd W. Smith Collection. Morristown National Historical Park.

National History Standards:
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards:

ML9: American Citizens and Philanthropy
Mini Lesson by Laurie Schmid

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