Monday, July 18, 2011

Ambassador Group Reflections: Final Thoughts

Group 1: As the week drew to a close, the three unlikely friends reflected on everything they had learned. The three unlikely friends gathered their notes and incorporated this knowledge into their final presentation. The three unlikely friends then waited nervously to give their presentation. To be continued...

Group 2: What does stewardship mean to us? Stewardship is the act of taking care of things that aren't necessarily yours. We learned about taking care of documents that would be used by our generation but of future generations; we were helping to protect the past. Throughout the week we've come to understand historians and the time it takes them to complete their important task. We'd like to thank everyone who made this program possible for us, so that we too could practice stewardship.

Group 3: Today is the last day of our very informative and enriching week here are Morristown National Historical Park. From looking at historical documents to touring Jockey Hollow to being the Jeopardy champions, we've really enjoyed our time here. The museum staff and interns have been really helpful, encouraging, and fun. They were always willing to answer our many questions or talk about anything historical. We've learned a lot about the museum with its many exhibits, artifacts, and documents. Today, we are looking forward to presenting our project on Missing Voices for Community Day. We worked extremely hard on it all day yesterday and hope our efforts will pay off. We want to thank everyone who has helped to make this week so enjoyable and educational.

Group 4: Thursday: After finding our that an i-Phone can control the slideshow, we had to figure out two crossword puzzles using the Military and the Lloyd W. Smith exhibits. After taking a quick poll, we found out that the boys like the military, while the girls enjoyed a separate exhibit. Then, Peter took some time to tell us about the kinds of jobs that historians can have. At lunch, we had some original Jockey Hollows with wineberries. Friday: At the end of the week we worked on our final presentations. Instead of doing an actual tour, we decided to create a virtual tour guide. Each member of our group filmed a segment of the video, explaining primary sources, document care, and the microfilm reader. We finally edited the video at the end of the day for our presentation.

Group 5: Wow! What a week! Tours, primary source documents, making new friends and even picking berries; who knew something so educational could be so fun? Throughout the week, we learned about the important role Morristown played in the Revolutionary War through hands-on experiences. We also learned about the importance of preservation by handling documents over 100 years old, some signed by George Washington himself. This stewardship program has been a unique experience for all of us and now we get to share it with our community and our families. We hope you enjoy our presentation and learn as much as we did by making it.

Thanks to all of our Archival Ambassadors for your reflections this week!

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