Saturday, July 16, 2011

Community Day 2011

Archival Ambassadors
Class of 2011

The High School Ambassadors have had an exciting week full of document-based activities, Park history, reflective blogging, historical thinking techniques, tours, and scholarly discussion! On Wednesday, the Ambassadors explored Jockey Hollow, where the group learned about hut construction, home life during the Revolutionary period, and the myths surrounding Tempe Wick. This week has been dedicated to primary document investigation, making careful observations, and practicing diligent and responsible scholarship. We have all made some great new friends along the way!

Today, this fresh batch of Park Stewards shared what they have learned all week with family and friends! Congrats Ambassadors!

Thank you Elizabeth, Peter, Andrea, Lacey, and Lauren for an incredible experience!

Stay tuned for the group 4 video and the Ambassadors' final blog reflection!

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